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After receiving my neighbor’s suggestion to invest in a Hot Spring spa after they tried 2 other manufacturers previously, I am glad I did. Got lucky that I purchased it when I did due to… the Covid-related demand for spas that developed. Impressed with quality manufacturing and can’t say enough good things about our local dealer! Never even went to a competing brand to compare—which is usually not how I make a larger ticket purchase! My favorite time is to relax under the stars late at night. This will be a purchase you won’t regret.

Rich Froning

Little Falls, NJ

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Caldera Utopia Niagara – Awesome Experience!

We have had our Niagara for about one year now. It is a beautiful addition to our patio area. We spend quite a bit of time in it. Plenty of room for several people! Love it!

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Southport, NC

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An oasis in our own back yard

This Prodigy spa, is our second spa from Hot Springs. Our first one we had in Florida and we enjoyed it so much we had to have another one. We stuck with the brand we knew and trusted and are extremely pleased. We have enjoyed it even on snowy nights here in the Pocono region of Pa. We have sat in the spa many nights even with the temperature as low as -18F, and have enjoyed the warmth of our spa. I am pleased with the thermal efficiency of this unit, and have estimated that through the winter it has only cost us about a dollar a day to maintain this unit. (And we use it about 5 nights a week and it is outside on our deck right in the weather.) Sign us as happy owners…

Happy Couple

Milford, PA

Aria, nothing compares

My wife and I have owned the Aria for almost 2 years and it is as good and exciting as it was on day 1. Worth every dollar, we use about 4 times a week, chemicals are reasonable and easy to add. After our first year we decided to have the professional cleaning done, which I believe should be done once a year and kept the tub looking new inside and out.


Union, WA